The Barefoot Way

Our passion at Barefoot Dubai is to make great images with the professionalism and high quality mums and dads expect, we are redefining family photography in Dubai. What do we mean by this?

Below we explain a little about our process. Contact us here with any questions.

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We listened carefully to your feedback and took it all on board when we founded Barefoot Dubai and we are still listening and changing, every shoot we complete, we chat to mums and dads, we listen to what you want. Barefoot Dubai is not formed on what we want, or what makes us the most money.

You told us: Some photography companies make you wait too long for images.

The Barefoot way Within the first 24-48hrs after the shoot, because experience tells us you are eager to see the images from the shoot… we add one of our favourite images (with your permission) from your shoot to our Facebook page. You can then like, share and tag, to share with family and friends. Or, and especially if you are not happy with Social Media, we send to you via email instead. You will then receive your final images within 10 working days, via email with a password protected download link. Have a look at some of our great images here.

You told us: Some photography companies hold your images to ransom and want to charge per image, once they have completed a shoot.

The Barefoot way We include all images within the single price that you see on our website.

You told us: You cannot get clear and transparent shoot package costs from professional family photographers, you speak with them and all sorts of hidden costs are evident and they are only discovered once 4-5 emails have gone back and forth

The Barefoot way We include all images within the single price that you see on our website, we have no sneaky hidden costs. (There’s no need with us to send 3-4 emails back and forth to find out our charges – there are no hidden charges).

You told us: Some photography companies do not edit the images, some even watermark the images.

The Barefoot way We don’t just take the images from the camera and give them to you. Our team carefully checks and prepares the images, cropping, colour-correcting and retouching if necessary. Alex is an in demand Adobe Photoshop trainer in Dubai. As a result the team have outstanding colouring, styling and retouching skills, AND we certainly do not watermark your images!

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Barefoot family.

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