Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Join us in helping the PCRF.

Helping to heal the wounds of war, caring for children in the Middle East caught up in on-going conflict.

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The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) is a non-political, non-profit organisation, dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for children in the Middle East, regardless of their nationality, religion, race or gender.

Simply moved to tears by the images and actions that we saw during the war in Gaza in 2013, here at Barefoot Dubai we wanted to help the children of Palestine in any way we could. The war has now ended, yet the suffering goes on and on. Our image above is of Ma’moun, who came to Dubai to have a new false eye fitted.

Barefoot Dubai donates 25 Dhs from each shoot completed to PCRF. This money will help in many ways, see below to read about some of them.

PCRF – Medical Missions – We organise and run hundreds of volunteer msissions from all over the world to Palestine and Lebanon’s camps providing children free care and local medical personnel with free training.

Treatment Abroad – We arrange medical care all over the world for sick and injured children from the Middle East who cannot be adequately treated in their homeland.

Humanitarian Projects – We sponsor humanitarian projects in Palestine and Lebanon to provide relief for poor and needy children, including wheelchairs, summer camps and a child Sponsorshop program.

If you are also interested to help, please visit the PCRF website

There you can read about all the great work they do to help children hurt by this conflict, also, on the get involved page you can find out how you personally, or your company can help with the struggle.

The PCRF Facebook page is here. On Twitter here – @PCRF_UAE, should you wish to make a donation, go here.

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