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“I have contacted at least 5-6 photographers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and out of all of them you have the best photos for the most honest price. The fact that you offer the digital images and that there are no hidden fees, your price is what it is and you are upfront about it, is what grabbed my attention.
You would be surprised, how much ‘added services’ other photographers charge for and you can’t know about this, they only tell you after 2-3 emails.” Sofia

We call it the Barefoot way…

Since our launch

Barefoot Dubai has become incredibly popular. Why is this? We think it’s simple:

How are we different from other family photography companies?

We don’t just shoot what we see. We get a real smile, unguarded moments, that can only come from
people being relaxed, being themselves.

family photographer dubai

What sets us apart?

Great Photography Clear and transparent pricing Great deliverables Good customer service

We are a British qualified (BIPP – one of only 2 in the UAE) professional Photography company making
great images. We are fully clear and transparent, our packages and pricing and deliverables are all on the website. It doesn’t take you 2-3 emails to find out our hidden costs: we don’t have any.

If 20 years of business has taught us anything, it’s that when offering a service, people deserve and expect a high-quality experience, long before they even get in front of the camera – our customer service is impeccable.

“Love all the images so much – thanks for capturing me and the kids so naturally Alex!

I normally hate having my photo taken but was completely comfortable and relaxed on this shoot. You must have sprinkled some magic dust in the air because no other photographer has been able to make me feel relaxed before.” Louisa – Editor, Aquarius magazine, Gulf News

Next steps

At Barefoot shoots a lot of you are telling us about how you feel the professional photography at your little ones Nursery is unsatisfactory, you are also telling us how some of the School photography companies are equally unsatisfactory, muddy pricing strategies, unprofessional photography and general service that is not to the high standards we continually commit to at Barefoot Dubai and a level of service that mums and dads expect. We want to thank those of you that are connected with schools that are contacting us.

family photographer dubai

And Barefoot Dubai still wishes to speak with anyone eager to connect us to your School or Nursery. Are you on a school board of governers, have you or your child had a bad experience and you want to improve things at the Nursery. Contact us we would be very happy to speak with you to explore possibilities.

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