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Sewsun, Nadeen and all the family were such a joy to shoot with. It’s no surprise for us to be often met by grandma, grandpa, the family cat or dog, siblings – it’s always a delight. I wanted to try to answer a few questions in these blog posts also, as we’re often asked very similar ones… ‘Will we take some photographs of mum and dad as well, or mum, dad, gran’ etc etc. Well, the answer is yes, as you can see from the beautiful photograph of a special moment above… Unlike a lot of photographers, we don’t charge per image and we are fully flexible and happy to take some more shots whilst we are there, we realise that sometimes, this can be a time when family comes together.
Another question we’re often asked, ‘do you have props, what do you have?’, the answer is yes, we have some very beautiful props, pretty hats and wraps, however, I wanted to emphasise the newborn photography we do is centred on the baby, we create beautiful and elegant images of your new bundle of joy, if you want us to spend our whole time together getting only 2-3 images and pushing and squeezing your baby into uncomfortable positions or plant pots, we don’t do that, there are other photographers around that will.
And finally – ‘do you give us images in black and white?’ Yes, we do. Unlike most photographers, we give you images in classic back and white as well as colour, we also give you images in lovely sepia tone, and as an addition we give you a folder of images of what we call Art – images like the one above of father and daughter.